Interior Paint

Interior Paint

Why Paint the Interior of your home or property?

  1. To keep a fresh and clean smell
  2. To keep the welcoming environment
  3. Customize your home or office with remodels/upgrade’s.

Repainting the interior of a property can be done as often as the property owner desires. Higher volume activity areas are recommended to be done every 2-3 years and less activity areas only 5-7 years.

Options for paint or color:

  1. Low VOC / Zero VOC
  2. Flat, matte, Satin, Egg shell, Semi-gloss, and Gloss can be found in all colors.

Things to consider when choosing to paint the interior:

Wall Paper Removal is an option! Why don’t we offer to paint over the wall paper? Blistering underneath the paint and ruin the quality of appearance. Removing wall paper and applying a fresh coat of paint will update your home and create a remodeled feeling.

Drywall should be replaced under circumstances of water damage or mold. Drywall repairs can and should be done for all holes along with texture matching to create an optimal appearance.