Achievable Paint and Flooring LLC

Servicing Denver and Northern Colorado Region
About Us:
Family owned and operated, Founded in Colorado Springs, Over 8 years’ experience in the painting and flooring industry, 15 years’ experience in customer service. Expanded business from Colorado Springs to the Northern Colorado Region.
Our Vision:
At Achievable Painting and Flooring, we strive to provide exceptional services as a contractor.
In doing so, we believe that solidarity builds a strong foundation and secures the principles needed to continue success within our company as it serves every client to the fullest satisfaction.
Let us work with you to achieve all of your painting and flooring needs!
Our Code of Ethics:
Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is looking
Moral is a self standard that cannot be circumstantial but unconditional
Service is an agreement to render time, material, effort, and quality work in exchange for payment
Honesty is truth that prevails and stands
Diligence is a drive that looks to exceed
Meet the Owner:
Solomon Cepeda is a 32 year old Colorado native, raised in Colorado Springs.
Along with his wife and beautiful daughter, Solomon cherishes and enjoys his 42year old best friend Chewy… well in doggy years he is 7!
As a family they love serving Jesus and spending quality time with other family and friends.